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Gift cards: the best option to give to whoever you want

The gift cards we have at Cardstation cover a wide variety of gift giving possibilities. Whether for purchases, series, payments, games ...

What do I give you? It is the question that we all ask ourselves several times a year and to which we only rarely give a quick and accurate answer. Until recently, the gift card solution was limited to a few clothing or book stores. But things have changed a lot with the gift card revolution. Whatever the tastes of your special someone, you can always find a gift card that will make them feel happy and at the same time will be useful for their hobbies. Either a Playstation Card or a bitnovo card .

At Cardstation we offer a wide variety of cards of this type for a multitude of online purchases and videogames , opening a wide range of possibilities for both gifts and personal use (for when you think you deserve a gift too). We present some examples and utilities to give you ideas if you still don't know what to give.

Gift music

Today, practically half of the population listens to streaming music from mobile devices, and the trend is clearly and rapidly rising as the new generations get older.

Far behind were the CDs and other formats with which a gift could be made on a certain day. But we can continue to give away music even without a certain format and make the person we love choose their own album or their favorite songs and have them forever, without interruptions of ads and being able to listen to them anywhere and at any time.

Spotify gift card

A Spotify gift card is a great choice for that special someone who loves music and who always goes with headphones on or loves to listen to music at home or while working. The gift includes the freedom to choose, and this is the most important thing.

A second option also for those who have an iOS system is an iTunes gift card to be able to download the music that they like, in addition to everything included in the App Store (applications, movies, etc.). With both cards we can give away the best music, since it will always be personalized and, of course, to the taste of the recipient, because they can choose it themselves.

Give away movies and series

Like music, streaming platforms are experiencing a boom lately. Going to a movie theater is no longer the mainstream for various reasons. And many times we do not watch the series in the old way, expecting that each week they will put a chapter on a certain television network. Now you can see movies of all kinds, also premiere, and also the rise of infinite series of exceptional quality is irreversibly modifying the consumption of the seventh art. The production companies launch the product directly to the platforms without going through the cinemas. Who hasn't stayed an afternoon on the couch watching chapter after chapter of his favorite series?

Therefore, a detail that no one can dislike is that they give them Netflix cards as a gift. It is the fashion platform, the one that has all the movies and series of the moment and that everyone talks about. And if no one wants to buy a Netflix gift card for you, on any occasion, and because you surely deserve it, you can honor yourself with a Netflix prepaid card > and thus see all those series that you are wanting to follow. They can be viewed on smart TV, PC, Mac, console, mobile, tablet , etc. Anyone who enjoys movies and series, with Netflix gift cards has a gift that they will surely appreciate.

Give away money to buy everything

The handy family gift of "take and buy what you want" while we extended a ticket to someone is behind us. It was a very practical, but somewhat crude way of giving a gift when we had no idea what to give that person and when online shopping was not an option.

There is a more modern, dynamic and grateful way for sure, which are gift cards for shops or other payments. When you receive one of these, your eyes widen because you have the money to have what you had thought and to your liking.


Amazon accounts for almost 16% of all electronic commerce in Spain, and is the main marketplace in our country, that is, the largest online store, with all that that entails. More and more users make online purchases, a trend that has increased since e the beginning of the pandemic.

The secret is its wide variety of products of all kinds. You can literally find anything you want on Amazon, with great ease for quick returns and shipping - more and more people subscribe to Amazon Prime, which delivers in 24 hours - They can be bought from books (which is how Amazon started), music or electronics to food; from furniture to makeup, from clothing to motorcycle accessories or car parts, from jewelry to security systems. It has it all.

With an Amazon gift card we are like kings, and with this gift we can cover any need that the gifted person has in a very stylish and practical way. Surely he appreciates it and thus we avoid that he does not like it and see us in the need to change products.


The Zalando card is ideal if you want to give away clothing, footwear, accessories or sports equipment, with good brands and separate departments for men, women, children and adolescents.

It is the largest online store by the number of sales and the quality / price ratio of its products. It is the undisputed leader in Europe. With a Zalando card you have the ideal way to give away branded clothing or footwear to the taste of the person who is going to use it. The same for children and adolescents, departments that are somewhat difficult to see on the web pages of other stores.

PayPal gift card

PayPal is a well-known electronic payment platform and the most used for years to make secure payments on the internet on millions of websites. You can have a recharged balance - hence you can give away with a PayPal gift card - or link it to a credit card or bank account without having to continuously provide the data. It is also used to send money and accept payments immediately only with the phone number or email of the person in question.

PayPal offers a special guarantee to people who make economic transactions with their online purchases; It even offers a refund if the merchandise is defective or does not conform to the seller's description. It guarantees total confidentiality and protection of user data. It is also very fast, since the transactions are immediate. If the person you want to give a gift to often uses this platform, you are sure to be successful with the gift card, as they will use it in whatever they choose.

Apple Card

The best thing you can give an iOS fan is an Apple gift card, because you can use it in thousands of applications, games in Apple Arcade, millions of songs in Apple Music, series and Apple TV movies as well as downloadable books and audiobooks; covers a very wide spectrum within entertainment.

In addition, whatever the amount of the card, it can also be used for any Apple product from stores in the Apple Store or at . You can even personalize it with a dedication. It can also be used to buy accessories and telephony. The possibilities are almost endless within the Apple world.

Google Play

Along the same lines as Apple, but with Android. With a Google Play gift card we are giving away books, audiobooks, music, applications for mobile phones or tablet , games and movies. You can also pay for subscriptions like Google Play Music with it. You just have to know what support the person you want to give it to is using and decide.

You can buy products in the Play Store and the balance never expires, so there is no rush to spend it. It is the most fun way to get the most out of your mobile or tablet and it is a gift that they will surely thank you for.

Give videogames and games online : Xbox gift card

In the universe where gamers move, those adorable beings who like to spend their free time in front of a console or screen, a gift card is what they can thank you the most and their greatest delusion. With a Xbox gift card or a PlayStation gift card you are sure to be right, since there are thousands of action games, simulation, sports, racing, adventure, etc.

Xbox gift cards are easily redeemed in digital stores for video games, consoles, peripherals or hardware . Oh, and they don't have an expiration date.

With PlayStation Gift Cards you can choose from thousands of games, game credits, season passes and movies. Surely if your gift is intended for a gamer , a card with these characteristics will put a smile on their face that you will never forget.

Gift online payments

The perfect gift for those who for any reason prefer to pay anonymously online . There are thousands of reasons, be it confidentiality, search gives anonymity or simply not wanting to leave a trace online . There are also cards of this type for them.


Neosurf is an anonymous and secure prepaid card for online payments. It is easily recharged and it is not necessary to share personal information or credit card number, so your data will be safe. It is valid on more than twenty thousand web pages for games, bets and other different payments. Leaves no trace on credit card or bank accounts. It is easy to use and balances can be accumulated on it. It is also not necessary to register on any site or give personal information, since it uses only codes. Also, on the other hand, it is an effective method to control spending, which does not happen if we give our credit card details for certain matters.


Bitnovo is an official page to acquire bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, which are booming again. bitcoin was the first and most famous virtual currency, which is becoming increasingly difficult to access.

Bitnovo is an official platform for the purchase of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, since it makes them available to everyone and with a support center to solve doubts.

Being given a Bitnovo gift card means, possibly, investing in a clearly rising and highly valued value.


Associated with Bitnovo is Bitsa, a special Visa card that works with electronic money such as cryptocurrencies and is linked to financial products in the euro zone. If we know that the person to whom we want to give is interested in virtual money, this can be an excellent gift.

Its characteristic is that it does not have to be associated with a bank account, but with your Bitnovo user panel. With it, you can buy online and in stores, withdraw cash from any ATM, make bank transfers and recharge it with gift cards or cryptocurrencies.

As you can see, gift cards are very varied and versatile and can be perfectly adapted to all personalities, hobbies and lifestyles. They are the ideal gift for anyone.

Another great advantage, especially for those who give away, is that the amount of money that comes in handy can be invested, be it little or a lot, since they are recharging, so that it can be used in full, only a part or add to another amount for a more expensive goal. We will never look bad with a card of this type. Only if we take into account the tastes and hobbies of that special person, we can be right. Even some gift cards , such as online payments or other generic ones, can be used by anyone. Choose the best and give away!

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