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12 is Better Than 6 is a top-down shooter with stealth elements based on the Wild West theme.

Plot and art style

The game takes place in 1873 Texas. The story follows a Mexican runaway that does not remember anything about his past other than there is a bounty on his head. The game is notable for its art style that imitates pictures drawn with pen and paper. The game’s visuals are stylized, but the story bluntly describes the brutal nature of the late 1800s. The character himself is not a hero in the typical sense of the word, and some of the protagonist’s actions throughout the game are going to be far from honorable.


The gameplay is a top-down twin-stick shooter and shares some similarities with famed Hotline Miami series. The campaign consists of four acts that feature numerous missions centered on killing enemies as effectively as possible. One of the most notable characteristics of the gameplay is that you have to cock and reload your guns, using different buttons manually. The hero’s weaponry consists of iconic Wild West firearms such as revolvers, double-barreled shotguns, rifles, and bows. Between missions, you come across hub towns in which you can restock ammo, buy upgrades or take side-quests to earn more money.
Besides the primary campaign, there is an arena mode that makes you fight waves of enemies.


Data sheet

12 is Better Than 6
Release date
20 NOV 2015
Ink Stains Games
Game Language
Action, Indie
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