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Anthem is a multiplayer-oriented game where teams of players share a common futuristic world while fighting enemies with the use of their armored power suits.


The players assume the roles of Freelancers, the warriors who use armored exoskeletons. Those battle suits, called Javelins, grant their wearers superhuman powers and abilities such as flight. The Javelins can be customized and upgraded with various weapons and gadgets. There are four main classes of Javelins, such as the Ranger (the “Jack-of-all-trades”), the Colossus (the party's “tank”), the Storm (high-tech aerial fighter), and the Interceptor (the fast-moving class for close combat).


The game is set in the future in an alien world. The starting point of the game is Fort Tarsis, in which the players can accept quests and help various factions. From there, they undertake the expeditions into the wilderness. There are four main factions in the game. The Sentinels protect law and order with force. Corvus uses espionage to eliminate the threats. Cypher have superhuman powers like telepathy and making complex calculations. The Arcanists is the faction of scientists and explorers.


The multiplayer mode is the main mode of Anthem. It is cooperative and allows up to four players to participate in a game together. They fight together against the monsters, marauders, and other enemies they encounter. The game also includes a strong RPG element, such as dialogues with non-player characters.


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