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You control a group of exiled travelers. They have only clothes and a cart with food. They are driven to the bare land and now they are fighting for survival. There is no money in their society, but they can exchange with the inhabitants of other cities that sometimes appear. Such trade is one of the key ways to obtain many critical resources.
These people from the very beginning of the game know all the necessary technologies, but they can use technologies only after they have accumulated the necessary amount of resources.
The basis of the game is the management of society in the conditions of limited all available resources.

The main resource are residents. They need not only food - they also need happiness. Without this, people will live less and die more often, the city will cease to grow. Residents are engaged in 18 crafts, from farmers to healers, in the bowels there are ore and stone, on the ground forests grow.
For winter, warm clothes and fuel are needed. Cutting woods for firewood can not be reckless. Old forests give way to the herds of deer, which feed the townspeople, as well as some medicinal plants. Unreasonable exhaustion of any resource leads to death. There is no universal strategy in the game - each time the amount of resources on the map is different.


Data sheet

Release date
18 Feb 2014
Shining Rock Software LLC
Game Language
Indie, Simulation, Strategy
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