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Active filters is an online store that has a great impact. Although you can find it in the Netherlands and Belgium, it gives you the opportunity to place your orders, receiving your orders in a short period of time. Choose your preferences through the different sections that you find on the company's website. You can buy from books in Spanish to electronic equipment and a wide range of curiosities. Remember that at Cardstation you can buy other prepaid cards such as DAZN or ebay . and the ebooks at your fingertips and its ebooks have become very popular, not only because of the huge catalog in which you can find countless books. Among the advantages of this great online store is the possibility of finding titles in different languages. Of course, you cannot miss Spanish, with a great list of interesting books, which go over the history and culture of our country, to novels and best-seller that you can't miss it.

Although you have the opportunity to buy a physical book with the help of one of the gift cards that you can purchase, it may be faster for you to obtain your preferred title digitally. Don't wait another minute to start reading your ebook . Make your purchase online and instantly start enjoying the best literature in any language .

Is in Spain?

With regard to in Spain , you can approach this store online . You have the security of being able to make your purchases safely, with the help of the different gift cards that you find on our website.

In addition to the offers that you can find, there is a great option to find all kinds of products for your home. Surely you are interested in getting closer to the news that comes out before in these countries, the Netherlands and Belgium. Internet sales gives you the privilege of anticipating many physical products that, with more time, arrive at your physical store.

Now you can be the first to have those games for PC or for your console , by entering one of the most demanded online stores in recent years. You have to bear in mind that, by means of a gift card, you can make your purchases in a more intimate and secure way.

A gift card is the best option to get out of trouble

What makes us give a card of this type instead of buying a gift directly to that special person? It is true that, on the one hand, a gift card can get us out of trouble, especially if we are not good at choosing the perfect gift.

Later, it may happen that we have had to give to someone whom we do not know well enough, as in the "invisible friend" that takes place in the business environment . In these cases, the gift card is emerging as the best gift we can give.

If it has happened to you that you have been given a gift that you have not been slow to corner and even throw away, because it is useless for you, it will be easy for you to understand the benefits of this type of card . Wouldn't you have liked more to obtain a certain amount to be able to buy what you really want or need?

The gift card stops the act of giving anything away from being seen as a commitment. Now you know that you will spend your money usefully , pleasing the person who will receive such a card. In this way, you give him the opportunity to acquire the whim that occurs to him and, even, invest more of his own money to buy a more expensive product, if he wishes.

Bol cards and amounts to give away

You have at your disposal different types of Bol cards , depending on their amounts. Thus, the cheapest is 5 euros , which may be ideal to distribute among the workers of a company, as a small gift.

The next amount that you find on a Bol card on our website is 10 euros . This amount may be ideal for the "Secret Santa" gift, unless you are forced to invest more. In that case, always buy a higher value one, like the ones we will describe below.

The 25 and 50 euros allow the surprised access to more attractive products, such as some console games and ebooks , which , by buying online , you can enjoy them almost instantly.

The gift card or more than you find on our website corresponds to 100 euros . Without a doubt, it gives the option of a greater possibility of products, in addition to a better quality.

The last decision is up to you when it comes to giving away one of the cards that you can find in our online store. There are many advantages of buying in Bol, from finding products that are not so common in your country to having an excellent after-sales guarantee.

The facilities that Bol offers you in each purchase

Bol gives you the option of a guarantee of up to 30 days , when purchasing the product at home. If you need a repair, as long as it was not due to misuse, you can send it, even so that it can be changed.

For the inhabitants of the Netherlands and Belgium there is the opportunity to receive their orders the day after they have been placed. Outside of these countries, delivery, which is also fast depending on the region where you live, is guaranteed.

In general, as you do not live in these two countries, you usually find the price of each product with the addition of shipping. This way you get an idea of ​​what you are going to spend, without surprises at the end of the transaction.

Perhaps it is important for you to know that your purchase will guarantee your anonymity, since no one but you will know them until you personally open the package.

Giving a card is an excellent idea. In addition, with it you can buy the latest ebooks and games , which you can enjoy almost instantly when you buy them. Choose the amount of your card to give away or for personal use and discover all the possibilities of this international online store.