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Download the latest DCL Drone Racing Simulator and play the world's most spectacular Drone Racing tracks in the simulator. DCL The Game is the official simulator of the Drone Champions League - the world's leading Drone Racing series. Please note that the game is only an early demo version. We are working hard on the full version and look forward to 2019 when we will release it.FLY AROUND THE WORLDFly on over 30 different drone racing tracks worldwide and compete online against other pilots from all over the world!
Discover Real Drone Racing Tracks like the snowy halfpipes of LAAX or the castle ruins of Reutte in the mountains. Each location will hold a unique new challenge for you to master and will demand all of your drone pilot skills!ARCADE OR SIMULATION?DCL - The Game offers you the freedom of choice and also offers beginners the chance to find their way around quickly. Whether you‘re an arcade racer or a simulation fan - you‘ll find it all here!
Thanks to 4 different flight modes you will quickly find the perfect setting for your skill level.
Arcade Mode Perfect for beginners thanks to fully activated stabilization.
GPS Mode Flies like your standard camera drone, with stabilization and altitude control.
Angle Mode Free throttle and stabilized Roll, Pitch, and Yaw.
Acro Mode Free throttle and rates-mode on Roll, Pitch, and Yaw. Perfect for competitive pilots as it’s intrinsically faster and the most challenging.FLY LIKE A PRO!Control your drone with a keyboard, gamepad or - for the ultimate simulation - connect your transmitter and fly like a real drone pilot! Beginners can fly in Arcade or GPS mode and use keyboard or gamepad as their input method. For full immersion – and to achieve the fastest times – we recommend flying with a remote control. Especially if you want to qualify for the DCL Draft we recommend this input method, because it prepares you for flying with a real drone!COMPETE WITH THE BEST PILOTS WORLDWIDE!Show us what you‘ve got! Fly the fastest times and qualify for the DCL Draft Selection 2019. The 200 best pilots worldwide will be invited to our Draft Selection Event in Cannes (France) and get the chance to be picked by one of the best Drone Racing teams and compete in the greatest Drone Racing League in the world – the Drone Champions League!
Please note that the game is only an early demo version. We are working hard on the full version and look forward to 2019 when we will release it.


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