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Dungeon Siege is an action RPG developed by Gas Powered Games. It is the first title in the series.


In the fictional Kingdom of Ehb, a farmer sets out to another village to warn its residents about the invasion of the Krug. The story unravels rapidly, and the players have to save the whole kingdom.


Dungeon Siege is played from a top-down third-person perspective. At the beginning of the game, the players create a character to play as. On his way, the main character finds new comrades that can join his party. Seven other characters can join the player's party and are controlled by the artificial intelligence. The players can switch between the characters in this party at any gameplay moment.

The game features a seamless open world. The players encounter numerous monsters on their path, and their party defends themselves. There is no character class system in the game. Instead, if the player uses a certain item for a long time, their handling skill of it will increase. Such a system was later implemented in The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim. After leveling up, the players gain a base stat increase.

The game features an inventory system, represented as a grid, where the items take space and can be rotated and placed differently in the inventory to save some space.


The game features a cooperative experience for eight players. It is possible to play through the game's main storyline or engage in a horde mode on a specific multiplayer map.


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Dungeon Siege
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