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The game combines the genres of Action / RPG / Hack and slash. Dungeon Siege II is part of the Dungeon Siege series.

Dungeon Siege Series

The series began with Dungeon Siege, there was the addition of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, followed by the full continuation of Dungeon Siege II with the addition of Dungeon Siege II: Broken World, an independent game of Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony (for PlayStation Portable) and the game that completed trilogy - Dungeon Siege III.

There is a trilogy of movies released on the plot of this series of games.

The first game and the setting of the entire series
In the first game, the action takes place in the fictional "medieval" kingdom of Abe. The player controls the farmer, who must warn the nearby city of the invasion of enemies.

In Dungeon Siege there are no levels and missions, the player travels the game world, fights against enemies, recruits supporters to his team and controls the tactics, weapons and magic of all team members.

New Horizons in Dungeon Siege II

This game is based on a plot from ancient times of the same world.

Once the two most powerful creatures of the world, Azunai and Zaramoth, fought with each other, and each had a powerful magical artifact. When the sword struck the shield, it split, and this caused a worldwide cataclysm.

The sword is now in the hands of the warlord Valdis, fighting on the side of the Dark Wizards.

The hero of the game and his friend Drevin were mercenaries in the army of Voldis, but after one successful operation, Valdis destroyed all the mercenaries. Drevin died, but the hero managed to survive.

Now the hero fights against Valdis, overcoming a variety of obstacles. But his main task is to pick up the pieces of the shield of Azunai - and now the shield can become more powerful than the sword of Valdis-Zaramoth.


The gameplay of the second part is somewhat different from the first. Between cities there are now teleports, and equipment acquires additional properties with a successful selection of the kit.

For the team, the hero can, as before, invite a variety of characters, and in addition - pets. Now the pet can be a full-fledged fighter, a creature with magical abilities.

Changes have been made options for pumping characters and battle management system.

In the game for the first time in the series there are gifts - superpowers that can help if conventional means are not sufficiently effective.

Magic in the game is divided into the "magic of nature" and "combat magic." The Nature Mages use healing and protective spells, summon magical creatures and use the magic of cold. Combat Mages inflict damage to the enemy with the magic of fire, lightning, death, curses. They can also summon magical creatures - with the appropriate tasks. Each magician can also impose auras of improvement ("buffs") and deterioration ("debuffs") on himself, his team or enemies.


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Dungeon Siege 2
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