Elegy for a Dead World

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In Elegy, you\'ll travel to three worlds and write stories about their long-dead societies. You’ll lose yourself in settings inspired by the works of poets Keats, Byron, and Shelley, and use the game\'s system of writing prompts to help create your own masterpieces.

Explore 27 different writing challenges, through which you create narratives about the worlds you visit, from multiple perspectives. In one challenge, you play an archaeologist, uncovering clues and writing about a city\'s final days; in another, you\'re a thief, composing a song about searching the wreckage for valuables; and in another, you\'re a bard penning a lament in rhyming couplets.

The developers created Elegy to share the joy of creative expression -- ideally, they want to give non-writers an environment in which they can tell stories. With visuals inspired by Romantic painter J. M. W. Turner, the game provides a playground for individual imagination, and a community where everyone is an artist. Elegy\'s developers, Dejobaan Games and Popcannibal, are leaving the discussion of what art or a game is to critics, and merely asking gamers, "What will you write?"

When you\'ve finished writing a story, share it with other players via Steam Workshop; then read others\' works, and commend your favorites.

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Elegy for a Dead World
Release date
10 Dec 2014
Dejobaan Games, LLC
Game Language
Adventure, Indie
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