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iTunes started being the music player of the Apple operating system. Today it is much more, since it incorporates its own iTunes Store where you can buy all kinds of digital software , such as books, movies or music. In addition, you now have compatibility for all types of devices, whether or not they are from Apple. With gift cards for iTunes you will add balance to your account in the iTunes Store from which to make purchases. The cards can be in physical format or, as in the case of our website, digital. iTunes gift cards should not be confused with those of the Apple Store. The latter are to buy products only from Apple on its website, such as mobile phones, computers or tablets.

Buy iTunes gift card online

In Cardstation you can buy an iTunes gift card to add balance to your iTunes Store account. you choose. This will allow you both give credit to other people and add it to your own account without having to provide your data in the application. We treat your data with total confidentiality through the payment gateway if it is a credit card or directly with your Bizum, Google Pay, Sofort or Apple Pay accounts. There is no need for you to provide us with additional information, so we guarantee maximum payment security.

How to redeem an iTunes gift card

Once we have purchased our gift card, we will have to log into the App Store. In the "Today" tab, we will click on the user icon in the upper right corner and we will go to "Redeem gift card or code". Once there, we can enter the 16-digit code that appears on the card manually or scan it with our mobile phone if it is a physical card. If we redeem it from the Android application, we will only have the option to do it manually.

In principle, iTunes gift cards do not have an expiration date and can be redeemed whenever you want. However, Apple reserves the right to make changes to payment policies, so it is convenient to be aware of possible changes.

A gift worth many

Once we have redeemed the product, the balance will appear in our Apple ID. With the balance provided by iTunes gift cards , you or the person you gave it to, you can purchase applications from the App Store. so like some of the Apple Arcade games, over 60 million songs on Apple Music, exclusive series and movies on Apple TV +, and a massive number of books and audiobooks on Apple Books.

If we make the individual purchase, the product will be ours forever. We may also choose a subscription to these services separately (Apple Arcade, Apple Music or Apple TV +) periodically to enjoy their content for a limited time. We may also pay for our subscription to Apple Cloud, which you provide to us. a cloud storage in which to safely have our videos, photos and other files and access them from anywhere.

Balance limitations

However, there are some purchases that we will not be able to make with this balance. We will not be able to purchase gift cards or send gifts to other accounts with him. Nor will it be able to be used by other family members, as it is a personal balance. Nor will we be able to acquire hardware .

Purchases in Apple Music can be made from any type of device, but purchases in other services must be made from an Apple device. This is the case of the App Store, Apple Books or Apple TV +.

Advantages of iTunes gift cards

Ideal for gifts

iTunes gift cards are perfect for giving a birthday gift or any other celebration to the person you love. you choose. He or she will only have to redeem the card code in the iTunes Store and the balance will be added. to her account so that she can choose the gift she wants from all the services offered. These types of gifts are more elegant than just giving money, since they give the gift a purpose.

Care of your personal data

Despite the fact that Apple is a fairly well-known and trusted company, many people do not like that their bank details are available to so many companies. Adem & aacute; yes, there is a danger of someone taking over our account. By having our data, you could make all kinds of purchases with our money. With iTunes gift cards we can simply add the money we want to our account without having to provide any more information, since payment through our website is totally secure.

Spending control

Having a bank account or credit or debit card associated with our iTunes Store account implies that whenever we see a song or any other product that we like, we will be tempted to spend money. This makes it quite difficult to control how much money we spend, since this platform has a one-click purchase option. To avoid this, iTunes gift cards will allow us to add a specific amount of money that we can manage more easily, avoiding overdoing it. This is especially useful if the account is in the hands of our children.

Wide variety of purchase options

We have iTunes gift cards at very competitive prices . You can purchase cards in a wide variety of currencies if the account in which you want to redeem the balance is in another currency. The cards available in euros are available in versions of 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 and 100 euros. To buy an iTunes gift card you just have to select the card with the amount you want, add it to the cart and provide a payment method. Once purchased and after being verified by our system, it will be shipped. the code to your email within 1 to 24 hours. Will be available at that time immediately to be redeemed.