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From our website, specialized in the digital content and prepaid cards market, we offer you the most up-to-date offers and with the most competitive prices that can currently be found in the nintendo cards market. Thus ensuring that the fun that your console can offer you has a much broader potential. And for the most gamers, in cardstation we also have cards for Google Play and steam cards .

All the information you need about nintendo cards

A nintendo prepaid card opens the doors to an immense range of digital content on your console that nintendo has prepared for its users. Not only does it allow the player to obtain new digital content, but currently it also allows them to access the entire wide variety of services that exist today on the Internet by the Nintendo platform .

These cards, although all of them belong to the Nintendo company, can be classified into two groups according to the content or the utility it unlocks on the player's console.

Eshop cards

A nintendo eshop card is usually a good, simple and secure alternative to the well-known credit cards to purchase games and content from the nintendo eshop. This adds to the player's account, which will enter the activation code that is associated with the card, a fixed amount of money to be able to spend in the nintendo digital content store. To activate it, you only need to scratch the back of the card and the activation code will be revealed.

As mentioned before, they have fixed economic values, the most common ones usually range between twenty or fifty euros, so you can choose the one that best suits your pocket.

This monetary amount is as valid as any top-up that would have been made through a regular credit card or PayPal transfer.

Although the amount of money that the user gets is fixed, the prices that the buyer actually pays, in the vast majority of cases, will be lower than those indicated by the card at its origin . In this way, therefore, better prices are obtained than those that could be obtained in any physical store that sells video games and consoles.

These cards, having an economic amount associated with the Nintendo profile, can be used by any console that is still active or, in the future, will be released.

They are usually a good gift option, since when you buy them the cards are not associated with any user account and, if the person is a Nintendo fan, it is a wonderful guaranteed gift.

You can find them in a wide range of designs with characters from the most popular video games, such as Mario, Peach, Luigi, among others, to choose the one you like the most and be able to save it later as a decoration element or collect all the varieties .

Switch cards

On the other hand, we have the nintendo switch cards, that offer only permission to the user to access different network services that nintendo has, thus activating access to Nintendo switch online in the user's account during an extendable period of time. The most common is the annual subscription. As with eshop cards, it also has a fixed cost in physical stores that sell video games and consoles. Thus, its cost is proportional to the access time it grants the user.

On our website, thanks to the offer we have, it can be obtained at a somewhat lower price so that the user can access Nintendo's online content at a somewhat lower cost.

Your console much more versatile and with more functionalities

Of these network services, which are enjoyed while the online subscription is active, none implies an added cost for the user. Noteworthy is the network multiplayer mode with other nintendo switch online subscribers, whether they are friends or strangers, which makes competitive games a bit more entertaining and lively.

In addition, you have access to the retro game emulation services that Nintendo offers to its subscribed users. Therefore, these cards not only allow access to multiplayer mode, among other services, but also allow and make available to the user a much larger catalog of games with this new game acquisition.

Regardless of the type of card you choose and the content you can acquire thanks to it, your console will have gained much more playability and options by offering you much more extensive content. ious and versatile.

For this reason, both you, as a player, or the person to whom you have decided to give this great gift, will have benefited. We always offer you the best and most complete information so that you can decide which nintendo card best suits your interests and giving you the cheapest option on the market.

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