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Payments Cards

Online payments or commonly also known as online payments are a method of payment for purchases made over the internet. Currently, the vast majority of businesses and shops offer the purchase of their products or services through the Internet. Virtual cards like bitnovo , bitsa or flexepin .

If you look at the statistics, they are surprising. Currently in Spain, 72% of Internet users between 16 and 70 years old buy online, representing approximately 70% of the total population, these data differ according to age ranges. But what is clear is that this type of purchase is consolidated in the Spanish market year after year.

According to current data, online payments , are already 3.5 times per month and these figures change and increase annually, but what also changes are the modalities online shopping. Internet users no longer only use financial cards to carry out their own transactions, but they have also become their own investment modality, but also for third parties. More and more people are acquiring prepaid cards to make their purchases or gift cards as gifts, such as bitcoin gift cards to present loved ones, relatives or close ones, with an innovative gift and which can also provide great value in the short and long term.

Online purchases are characterized by allowing a very comfortable, accessible and time-saving method of purchase. Online transactions facilitate a shopping window without schedules, in which there is a wide variety of products of which it is also possible to obtain a greater level of detail and even make comparisons. The purchase directly is optimized through the Internet. These are some of the reasons why financial credit cards are consolidating themselves as a facilitator of online purchases or physical purchases for personal use but also as gifts for third parties.

Bitcoin cards to make purchases always adding value

The complete digitization of financial cards and financial operations provide extensive transaction facilities, thus the bitcoin card emerges, a prepaid card that becomes a product or gift, different and unique both for the most “Techie”, “Fintechie” or simply an original gift with which you will surprise anyone by adding more value to the card. It is very similar to other prepaid cards or other "gift cards" but with a great peculiarity.

Bitcoin, how to buy bitcoin cards and why

Now, let's talk more in detail about bitcoin cards . The concept of cryptocurrency is already widely known and especially Bitcoin, a digital currency with more than ten years old since its creation and which is currently in the wallet of millions of people to carry out transactions of any kind and at any time.

Its consolidation as a currency has been such that in 2013 the value of all Bitcoins in circulation exceeded 1.5 trillion dollars. It is almost impossible to imagine what the current value is, because its democratization as a digital currency has been shocking.

This currency was the starting point for the creation of many more, currently thousands, the different existing cryptocurrencies.

There are several ways to acquire bitcoins, one of them via web pages. But without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to quickly acquire this cryptocurrency is through the purchase of bitcoin cards . The way to do it is very simple, you can buy this card in euros or the currency of your choice, and it will be converted directly into the virtual bitcoins purse or "wallet".

This way of obtaining this cryptocurrency is really safe, there are protocols that guarantee the entire transaction process such as the solidity and security of the "wallet". Unlike the purchase of bitcoins through any "website", this model of acquisition of this digital currency, avoids that step of purchase and transfer to "wallet".

The card is the purse itself. From there, once purchased, we already have bitcoins stored and available to be redeemed when we estimate that it is time. These cards, as discussed above, add value, and the reason is that the digital currency you buy, bitcoin, does not have a fixed value, that is, you may have invested or prepaid an amount for the card and that according to the price of the same, the value of the card is higher. The price of the bitcoin card currency at a given moment will determine its value. Consequently, you will be surprised a lot.

The most innovative, surprising and most valuable gift

This is one of the reasons why buying bitcoin cards becomes a gift, different and unique. For this purpose, bitcoin gift cards have been made available for online purchase and can be used as the well-known "vouchers" or "gift cards". An innovative gift and yes, very different, but at the same time very current because you would give a prepaid card with which the recipient can make transactions or decide when to exchange the cryptocurrencies and for how much.

Another incentive to acquire bitcoin gift cards is that more and more businesses allow payment through this digital asset, cryptocurrencies. Although Spain is at the bottom of this model, more and more entities allow payments through this type of credit card, facilitating the conversion of this currency into euros and that the holders of these cards can pay in any physical store or online that does not accept payment through bitcoins. But the peculiar thing is that, as money is spent, what they take away from bitcoin cards is the equivalent of this virtual currency, and its price is variable and different from traditional currencies.

It is very interesting to enter this digital financial world of online payments and bitcoin cards and discover all its possibilities.

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