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If you are a fan of playing the console and you want to save an extra money, keep reading this article because you will be interested in everything we have to tell you. In addition, as a person betting, you lack a t PCS Arjeta that does not leave a trail of spending and allow you to operate easily and safely.

It's time to get a customized card for you and allow you to play your favorite videogames and make purchase online without difficulties. Save the headaches and start enjoying what you really like.

The card you need on your day to day

It's perfect for you to use it on different web pages, every day of the week and at any time. It is not necessary that it is associated with a bank account, nor does it facilitate your personal documentation. It offers immediate activation and, in addition, you can use it with all the guarantees.

The PCS MasterCard card is a rechargeable prepaid card that you can start using to buy at any store in your city and in the rest of the world. Use it to pay online or, to withdraw cash from any cashier that is adhered to the MasterCard network. It can be used in any country and the best thing is that it allows you to send money in Spain and abroad. You choose when and where.

The card was launched in France in 2010 as the first prepaid card that existed in the country. Over the years, a huge success has been harvested and has positioned itself as the number 1. This PCS MasterCard France card has more users who use it easily and are very satisfied with their choice.

How does the PCS MasterCard prepaid card work?

You just need to follow 4 steps to enjoy your PCS MasterCard card:

1. You can get the prepaid card through the web and in the nearest kiosks.

2. The card is activated immediately and easily through a simple SMS. How to recharge a phone card!

3. Each person has the option to recharge his card at all points of sale, through a series of recharge coupons, a bank card or transfer, or, exchanging money between different PCS MasterCard cards.

4. The PCS MasterCard prepaid card can be used online and more than 32 million points of sale around the world.

You must bear in mind that the PCS MasterCard card will also allow you to withdraw cash immediately and around the world through the powerful MasterCard ATM network.

Privacy, Safety and Control with PCS MasterCard

The rechargeable prepaid card is an ideal option to make purchases with Total Safety and Privacy , since it is not linked to any bank account and can be purchased without having to provide your documentation to the company Issuer. Likewise, we want to emphasize that the card does not have a nominative character, that is, it does not go on behalf of a certain person and, in addition, it allows to make purchases privately.

Apart from RECHARGE PCS card, this alternative is perfect for purchases through the Internet and above all, for those people who, due to different circumstances do not have a bank account. Such is the case of travelers who wish to use their card abroad with total peace of mind, or for parents who want to optimize the use of money from their teenage children living outside.

Recharge the card safely and snapshot

You can now recharge your PC card instantly and very safely. You just have to choose the amount of money from your PC recharge, pay and then, you will receive your coupon immediately to activate the desired recharge.

Gift cards cover a wide variety of possibilities to obsequiate yourself, either to make purchases, consume series, payments online, your favorite games, etc. Everything you are imagining and much more.

If you are thinking about making a gift and triumph, you must bear in mind that a PCS card is also an ideal alternative. You have the answer to the question that many make ourselves on many occasions and that we rarely give a solution that is fast and accurate.

Until recently, this type of card could only be used in a limited number of establishments. However, today gift cards are getting more fashionable. The revolution of gift cards has arrived and, whatever the tastes of your special person, you can always find a card that lace with her needs and that she can illusion. Also, the best thing is that it will be useful for practicing your hobbies.

As a warning, we recommend that you never common I take your codes to anyone, either by email, social networks or some other online verification site. It is important that you write them in a safe and practical site for you.

Do all the recharges that you think appropriate to the people you want when you need it most.

Receive your recharge PCS MasterCard at no complications

Select the credit you prefer and end your purchase with the different forms of payment provided by the service. There will be no complications or headaches, You only need to pay attention to the code you will see on your screen and you will receive by e-mail automatically, along with the invoice and the exchange instructions.

Then you must redeem it directly into your PC account and use your funds immediately anywhere you accept your MasterCard. And in the event that doubts or problems arise, you have a customer service team available for you and happy to help you always.

In summary, it had never been so easy to buy what you want most at every moment thanks to the PCS card . Start enjoying your online acquisitions with the help of a unique prepaid card and simple use. They are ideal for the youngest and for family administration.

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