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Spotify has been the world's largest music content streaming platform for a few years. Although much of its content is accessible for free, the audio quality is lower, it introduces ads from time to time, and we have a limited number of views. To enjoy all the content without limits, ads and at the highest quality, we have a premium subscription, which we can pay from the web or through Spotify gift cards . We tell you below the main questions you need to know when it comes to getting them.

Spotify gift cards: everything you need to know

Spotify gift cards are an excellent option to pay for your premium subscription on this platform and enjoy all its content. It is possible to purchase the premium subscription from the website. However, many people are wary of providing their bank details or card number, want to control their spending or simply give a gift. Using Spotify gift card offers a number of advantages to consider, which have made it a popular way to pay for subscription services.

Advantages of buying a Spotify premium gift card

  • You do not provide your data: having our bank account or credit card associated with a subscription service always carries some danger. Although Spotify is a great company and ensures us the management and protection of our data, it is not responsible if we lose our account or someone steals it. If we make payments using a Spotify gift card, if that happens, we will only lose the subscription that we had acquired, and nothing else.
  • Spending control: Managing subscriptions and online purchases is often complicated, since we are not so aware of exactly how much we are spending. Having automated means of purchase provided to the service we are using, such as having our credit card linked, makes us more prone to unconsciously incurring expenses. When paying with gift cards, we control exactly how much we want to spend.
  • Gift: of course, what Spotify gift cards were originally designed for is to pay the premium subscription to whoever we want, being a very good choice when making gifts for birthdays or holidays. Buying a Spotify gift card from someone we know enjoys music is definitely a very good choice. Even if you already have an active subscription, you will still be able to use it to extend the time we have given you.

Limitations of gift cards

However, we must bear in mind that Spotify gift cards present some limitations when it comes to redeeming them:

  • Spotify only allows you to use the balance of gift cards to pay for your individual premium subscription. It cannot be used in the Family or Family plans or to purchase other products.
  • They have an expiration of 12 months from the moment of purchase.
  • Can't pay beyond 18-month subscription. Take this into account especially when buying a 12-month Spotify gift card.
  • The country from which we have opened the Spotify account must be the same as the gift card. We cannot, for example, use a code for France or the USA in our account in Spain.

Where to buy a Spotify gift card online

Spotify gift cards come in two types of formats: physical and online. You can find Spotify gift cards at very attractive prices on Cardstation, where we offer you the best service for this type of purchase. We have payment by credit card, Paypal, Sofort, Bizum and Apple Pay. In the first case, the process is carried out through a secure payment gateway with BBVA, so the security in the process is there. guaranteed. In the rest of the cases, you pay through your account in those services. In none of the cases do you provide us with your data directly.

The format of gift cards for sale on Cardstation is online. By acquiring them on our website, you will receive the c & oacut e; I say in your email within a period of between 1 and 24 after the payment is verified, and once you have it, you can use it immediately or at the time that you have. decide. Of course, you can send this code to whoever you want to gift a Spotify subscription for that person to redeem.

We have Spotify gift cards in a wide variety of prices for you to make your subscription from 1 to 12 months, and also these are specific for a wide variety of geographical areas ; ficas. Make sure that the country for which you buy your card is the same as the account where you are going to apply it. For example, if you decide to buy a Spotify Spain gift card , this will be it. Valid only for accounts created in this country. This is important to keep in mind because prices vary slightly between countries and we may be tempted to mistakenly buy the wrong card.

Different prices according to your needs

You can purchase a 12-month Spotify gift card or the 6, 3 or 1-month versions. Subscription prices on Spotify are € 9.99; per month, so the gift cards you can purchase will depend on the number of months you purchase, from 10 to 120 €. Remember that when you open an account on Spotify you have a free month, and that when you apply the code of your gift card the subscription will be extended. the time you have chosen.

How to redeem your Spotify gift card

You must go to the Spotify website in order to redeem the gift card. There you will have an option indicated with "Redeem" where you will be asked that you enter the digits of the code that we have sent you. Once you have done so, the months of premium subscription will be added to your account, and by going to the corresponding section you will be able to see how many months you have left until it runs out. Remember that you cannot extend your subscription for more than 18 months.