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Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition is a strategy game developed by Creative Assembly. It is the eighth game in the Total War series and is both a sequel and a remaster to Rome: Total War.


The game does not feature a specific story mode, yet it offers a set of historical campaigns for the players to go through. Most of such campaigns revolve around the reign of Caesar and his military campaigns.


In Total War: ROME II, the players control armies of the Roman Empire era. It is completely up to the player how to form an army and its navy.

The formations of armies and navies have changeable stances on the game world's map. These stances define what distance can the army traverse in one turn and the time required for the troops to prepare an ambush.

At the beginning of each scenario, the players pick a faction to play as. Each faction has a specific amount of power called “Imperium.” It specifies how many armies can a faction have and can be gained by conquering nearby lands and getting gold. After forming an army, it is up to the player to assign a general to it. Upon doing that, the general will recruit the soldiers for his army. Both armies and generals can be leveled up which unlocks new skills and traits.

Emperor Edition features

Emperor Edition was available as a bundle in retail stores. 22000 bundles were released. This edition features a unique box, playing dice, the map of Roman Empire, a map pack, and a Legendary Edition of the game.

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