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Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic RPG developed by Interplay Entertainment.

The game is set in 2087, decades after the nuclear war between the U.S. and the USSR. Some time ago, a group of U.S. soldiers invade a prison, make it into a stronghold and create an organization called the Desert Rangers in an effort to keep the surrounding area in order. You are the commander of one of the Ranger's squads sent to investigate a series of incidents on the West Coast.

Wasteland's mechanics are inspired by tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons. Every character in Wasteland has a set of stats which allow for using different skills or weapons. Experience is gained after battles or skill usage. The game offers the players many was of succeeding in their objective. For example, if a player encounters a gate, they can either pick its lock using the picklock skill, climb over, force the gate or blow it up.

Initially, the player controls a squad of four which can be expanded up to seven characters. Citizens or wasteland creatures can be recruited. Each member of your squad can disobey your commands. It is noted that the level of difficulty in Wasteland is unforgiving.

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