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Anna Extended Edition

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Anna is a creepy horror game in which the protagonist researches the mystery of a haunted house. Its dark atmosphere is reminiscent of Silent Hill games. However, Anna has an emphasis on puzzle solving and no battles.


The game is set in the Northern Italy, in the mountainous region of the Alps. The setting was modeled after a real place, and the story is inspired by the Alpine folklore. The player controls a man who lost his memory. He only can vaguely remember a sawmill and a woman called Anna. The protagonist visits the sawmill that is apparently haunted. He has to discover the uneasy secrets of his past and the fate of Anna.


The player's goal is to solve the puzzles to move forward and uncover the mystery of Anna by recalling dialogues the protagonist had with her. Unlike in most adventure games, not all items the protagonist can carry are useful. The game does not highlight the important items.

Extended Edition

The Extended Edition is a dramatically improved version of Anna. It was based on the feedback and criticism the original game received. This edition introduces a new AI-controlled character called "The Wife Doll." It also adds letters, books and other documents that provide insight into the mystery. Unlike in the original version, which had no "game over" option, the player can lose sanity after encountering supernatural phenomena. It leads to a "bad" ending. This edition also has improved graphics and user interface, as well as additional locations.


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Anna - Extended Edition
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