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Commando Jack is an action-strategy game initially released for mobile devices and later ported for Windows via Steam.


In Commando Jack you play as a self-titled character on his mission to protect the Earth from alien invaders. The core gameplay is a tower-defense.
You have to fight waves of enemies strategically placing turret-like towers. There are several types of towers with different properties. Some of them have splash damage or can slow down enemies, while others deal more damage to certain types of aliens. You can upgrade towers increasing their damage.
Additionally, each tower has two elemental variations: fire and ice. You gain money by killing enemies and spend them to upgrade towers, get power-ups, or building points which are necessary to build new towers. The chief gameplay mechanic of Commando Jack is that you can manually control any tower from the first-person perspective and shoot aliens by yourself. This help is killing enemies faster, and some alien can only be defeated this way. Aside from the 45 missions’ campaign, the game offers the Elemental Mode in which you have to defeat fire and ice enemies with different element towers. The mobile version of the game is free-to-play and includes microtransactions, while the PC version has a price and uses only in-game currency.


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Commando Jack
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