Fable The Lost Chapters

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Fable: The Lost Chapters is a re-release for the personal computers of the Fable game, originally created for the Xbox. This release includes content that is not included in the release of the game for Xbox.
The main character is personalized in great detail. Everything that he does affects him. He can get obesity from a plentiful meal, and if he drinks alcohol, he will become poorly oriented and eventually will vomit.

Clothing, hairstyles, beards and tattoos of the hero influence how others perceive the hero. For example, light clothing causes benevolence, and dark - fear.

Of course, the attitude towards the hero is influenced by his actions. The proportion of good and evil acts affects his appearance. If he does many good deeds, he has a halo above his head and other signs of holiness. If he is more inclined to evil deeds, he grows horns, smoke comes from under his feet, and his eyes get a red glow.
The hero grows old regardless of whether he is good or evil. In his old age, his hair grows gray. If he spends his experience on new skills, he becomes noticeably older. Among the things that you can buy in the city, there is real estate. You can buy a house, rent out and get paid. If you decorate the house with trophies, the rental rate will be greater.

In addition to the war with the enemies, you can search for treasure and fish or participate in sports fistfights. And even better - try to find the Doors of Demons, who can talk. Doors give tasks, after performing which the hero will pass into hidden locations and acquire rare things. Several Doors need not be looked for, they will necessarily meet on their own.


Ficha de datos

Fable: The Lost Chapters
Fecha de Lanzamiento
19 DIC 2011
Lionhead Studios
Idiomas de juego
Action, Adventure, RPG
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